About Us

The Tableau Service Corps is a community of bright, dedicated individuals who want to help nonprofits make more of an impact through the use of their data. Comprised of Tableau employees, customers, and partners, the Tableau Service Corps provides free help with specific, contained projects that will make a nonprofit more successful.

For nonprofits, you can expect to work with a dedicated and talented Tableau expert who will help you get started with Tableau, level up your existing Tableau visualizations, or build your team's confidence working with data each day - whatever will help your nonprofit the most. However, Tableau Service Corps members are volunteers - which is why we ask that you bring them specific, short-term projects to help with - after all, they have full day jobs!

What kinds of projects can the Tableau Service Corps do?

The core expertise of the Tableau Service Corps is on using Tableau and your data to help solve organizational problems. Each member of the Tableau Service Corps has his or her own core expertise, but some of the larger categories we can help with are:

  • Data preparation, reshaping, and transformation
  • Core analytics and data exploration
  • Building a Tableau center of excellence
  • R integration and statistics
  • Storytelling and dashboarding
  • Viz building and user experience

Browse our list of Tableau volunteers to learn about their specific expertise and how they can help you better understand your data.