Will Jones

Portland, Oregon, United States

Solutions and Visualization Practice Lead, InterWorks, Inc.

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Tableau and UI/UX Design expert with years of business experience across a wide range of industries. I'm not a SQL/ETL work expert, but I can advise on data shape/schema/etc. I specialize in making beautiful dashboards, quickly.

I'm currently based in Portland, OR.


I'm excited to help bring the magic of beautiful data visualization to non-profits around the world!

I've been a consultant nearly my entire 10+ year professional career, and have been a daily Tableau user for most of those years. I'm a complete Tableau expert focusing on making beautiful, easy to understand, and sustainable dashboards. With experience across virtually every industry/vertical and reporting/analysis at every staffing level, I'm confident we can build a great solution to your problem together!

I can assist with every step of the data journey, including initial planning of what SHOULD you be doing to build a sustainable analytics culture, data planning, Tableau dashboarding, UI/UX design, and general business consulting. I'm not proficient at SQL/ETL work, but I can advise on those processes to best utilize your infrastructure and succeed with Tableau.

I'm currently based in Portland, OR.