Sean Connaway

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

GE Power

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I enjoy learning about an organization's goals and helping to define the questions that need to be answered to help achieve them. Tableau has had a great impact on GE Power and I am excited to share my experience with nonprofits looking to grow their use of data analytics.

As a member of GE's Commercial Leadership Program, I work with employees from all levels of the business to understand their needs and how data can be used to help us succeed. I also lead training sessions for new desktop users and have applied Lean Six Sigma principles to organize our Data Warehouse. Tableau is now used throughout our business for both high level decisions and daily task monitoring.


I'm eager to support any nonprofit that is interested in using Tableau. I have been involved in community services through fundraising, renewable energy, education, disaster relief, economic opportunity, and healthcare. I am particularly interested in energy (solar, wind, electricity transmission/distribution) and the environment.