Keshia Rose

Seattle, Washington, United States

Preparing Data and Getting Started, Dashboarding, Calculations, Web Development

Product Manager, Tableau Software

Hello, I'm Keshia and I am a product manager for our developer platform team here at Tableau. I focus on evangelizing developers and making our developer tools easy to use. Previously I was a product consultant and have worked with hundreds of Tableau customers to help them technically validate Tableau. Before all of that, I was a Tableau customer working as an information analyst for a non-profit company in the behavioral health field.

I mostly work in Tableau Desktop so I can help out with tricky calculations, advanced analytics, cluttered dashboards, and visual best practices. I also have had experience with wrangling dirty data, so I can help with cleaning up data, bringing disparate data sources together or figuring out the best structure for your data. In my current role, I work with our APIs and can also offer help using those!


I love working with all types of nonprofits but especially those in the healthcare and education fields. My background is in analyzing behavioral health data and I've worked on a wide range of projects from care management services to foster care. I also really enjoy working with nonprofits in education. I've worked on a few education projects and I really think there are some fascinating things that schools can do with their data.

As someone who has been through "Excel Hell" I know how tough it can be to put together a streamlined, insightful dashboard especially when the data is all over the place. I can help bring that data together in a way that can answer your business questions. With my knowledge of advanced calculations, data manipulation tips & tricks, and overall experience with Tableau, I can help you find the right solution for your use case!