John Barnes

McKinney, Texas, United States

Solutions Engineer, Tableau Software

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My name is John Barnes. I have worked for Tableau for just over a year but I have over 30 years of experience in data analysis. I live just north of Dallas, Texas in the city of McKinney,TX. I am originally from New Jersey.

In my role, I help the Tableau Sales team sell Tableau as a technical solution. I explain the products technology to perspective buyers and how that technology can be made to fit into their existing environment. So I am more than familiar with the product both from a user/designers perspective and a the perspective of someone that needs to architect a Tableau Solution.I also spend a great deal of my time training other people how to use Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.


Over my career, I have worked with data and data analysis in many different ways. I have experience as a database administrator and solution designer and architect. So I bring a very deep set of knowledge to the way Tableau can be used to solve data problems