Mark Santino

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Solutions Architect, Tableau

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As a Solution Architect with Tableau's Customer Solutions group, I have the opportunity to work with customers across a variety of industries. The interaction can range from teaching customers how to use Tableau Desktop and applying their data to develop a Tableau Viz, to installing / configuring and navigating Tableau Server. I continue to be amazed at the flexibility and power of this software to tell a story, and I enjoy sharing this discovery with customers.


Prior to joining Tableau, I was a Senior BI Consultant @ Elemental BI, where I provided tailored solutions in corporate reporting, data analytics, and data management services. I've held positions as a DBA, Unix SysAdmin, and Systems Integrator. As a consultant, I delivered services in data preparation, ETL, data modeling, and technical training in a number of products.

Professional experience and credentials encompass over 15 years providing business services in international and domestic markets, spanning ares of business development, market intelligence, strategy initiatives, and business information systems. I hold an MB in International Business.

I enjoy working with organizations / projects that help people become self-sufficient (i.e. educational or job readiness), or those organizations that work towards reversing the effects of climate change. Regardless, I remain open to helping where I can be of most use. Anything that helps move the ball down the field is a step in the right direction. When it comes to trying to make a difference, joining the Tableau Services Corp. has provided me with an incredible opportunity to put words and thoughts into action. I get to share my enthusiasm for working with a premier software platform, while helping to empower customers to see and understand their data, and by extension, enable them to carry out their mission.