Kiran Chitluri

Seattle, Washington, United States

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Tableau Software

I'm a test manager for the mobile team at Tableau. I'm passionate about changing the world.I like helping people and also making things better with our product so that the customers have a great experience. I really enjoyed working on Amazon Kindle Mobile. It was amazing to feel like I was reaching a large number of people and making a difference in their lives. I also very much enjoy helping a non-profit called PageAhead based in Seattle. PageAhead is a small non-profit which gives books away to elementary school kids who are high risk for low literacy. It is a cost effective and worthwhile cause. I have helped them with the first stage of re-writing their website.


I'm eager to be involved helping solve problems, increase efficiency, and use technology to save time. I am still new to the Tableau product family but I believe the more I can use the product to help people, the more I will learn. I also hope that using Tableau with a non-profit will inform me on some real world use cases to improve the product for those non-profits.

I'd like to help non-profits that work on issues related to the environment, education, poverty, public health, or international development. I am passionate about helping others and solving problems. I like to infect change and will helpful in making changes happen if you are open to experimentation and improvement. I have a daughter and a second on the way. Family and people are the most important parts of my life. I want to make the world a better place for the next generation.