Tanushree Rohera

Singapore, Central Singapore, Singapore

Solution Engineer, Tableau

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Hello and Namaste!
I'm Tanushree, a Solution Engineer with Tableau. I've been in this role for over 2 years, and over this time, I've grown to love the power of visual and design. It's amazed me how important that can be with data analysis and I have spent a long time trying to grow this skill in me and those around me.
I grew up in India, and have been moved by development issues since a very young age - this has grown by admiration for non-profits. I'd absolutely love to help out in any way I can!


Combining my love for visual data exploration and analysis and deep desire to help non-profits some of the key areas I could possibly be of use to you:
1. Data Preparation: I've used Tableau's data prep tool, Tableau Prep to simplify manual data preparation tasks from days to minutes
2. Data Understanding: With increasingly complex data structures, I've helped others understand what their data structure represents and therefore, how they can leverage their data going forward
3. Sharing Insights: As someone who has an interest and aptitude in content creation, presentation and design, I can brainstorm how your data insights can be shared with the desired stakeholders.

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Language Proficiencies:

English, Hindi


design, Education, Books, History, women development, Data preparation