Andre de Vries

London, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Data Prep & ETL, Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories

The Information Lab

I'm a Tableau & Alteryx Consultant at The Information Lab. Besides helping clients with understanding their data I have also experience with pro bono engagements where organisations needed data advice and insight consulting. I have experience in a wide range of sectors and have worked for the likes of UNICEF, Coca Cola, UEFA, Unilever, and the British Government. I'm open to all kinds of Tableau foundation engagements.

I would love to use my data analysis skills that I currently have to make a difference for non-profits and to help them understand their data with Tableau and to develop new skills in the process.


Previously I was a Tableau customer when I worked as a research analyst for a market research company based in central London. In this role I built out a Tableau culture and quickly realised how important and enjoyable it is to help others with understanding their data. With Tableau at my disposal I said goodbye to large PowerPoint based decks and transformed my workflow to interactive and automated dashboards where I minimised the usage of traditional BI tools such as Excel. Empowered by Tableau’s data analysis and data transformation capabilities I applied my skills on a wide range of projects in different sectors. Apart from working on client projects, I'm also open to apply my skills to data do-good projects such as the Tableau Foundation and an advocate of an open data culture.

My background in International Relations makes me an avid follower of everything related to politics and society, especially when there is a data analysis angle to it. When I'm not visualising data or analysing open data sets I enjoy outdoor sports, and actively feed my rather unhealthy passion for football - or soccer, for Americans.