Benedetta Tagliaferri

London, London, City of, United Kingdom

Data Prep & ETL, Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories

The Information Lab

The mix of curiosity, creativity and analytical background in finance, pushed me through the data world, and especially to Tableau.

I think that information is crucial in a society and that data visualization turns numbers and letters into aesthetically pleasing visuals, making it easy to recognize patterns and find exceptions.


My journey starts with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration in Florence, Italy, part of which I did in London as an Erasmus student. Then I studied Finance and Markets in Bologna.

In January 2015 I moved to London to develop my tech skills and I got enthusiastic about data. In December I took part of the second intake of the Data School UK, learning to use Tableau and Alteryx from the very best trainers globally, including some of the Tableau Zen Masters and Alteryx Ace.

For four months I had to deal with weekly projects from different worldwide customers including charities, consulting companies while learning data visualisation best practices, following training sessions.

I taught predictive analytics class with Alteryx to Virgin Atlantic at the revenue management insights department where I'm currently doing my first placement.

One of the project that I recently made at the Data School was with a charity in US and I cannot describe how rewarding was to make a real impact to their work. Therefore I would like to use my skills for NGOs and charities because I strongly believe that sharing and helping as much you can is essential for a better world.