Chris Love

Nottingham, United Kingdom

The Information Lab

As a Consultant / Account Manager with The Information Lab I have spent two years working with Tableau, helping customers understand their data. I've spent time on projects at global brands such as the Bank of England, the BBC and Unilever; and I spent 10 years working at Experian Marketing Services preparing and analysing data in Alteyrx. Now it's time to give something back.

The power of Tableau and Alteryx is the difference they make, and I love helping people leverage that difference. I've built a reputation for building beautiful and thought provoking dashboards with Tableau and Alteryx, and have been rewarded by being one of only two people in the world to be named a Tableau Zen Masters and Alteryx ACE.

I want to make a difference for your non-profit and leverage my skills as a certified Tableau Trainer and help you understand your data with Tableau.


I would love the opportunity to help any non-profit, though some are particularly close to my heart after recent losses: suicide, mental health, cancer and ALS have all affected my family personally.

My ideal scenarios would be to:

1. Help non-profits use their data in better ways; to streamline operations and understand themselves and users/donors more effectively, and/or

2. Help put together beautiful, impactful visualizations for a non-profit to show their impact to (prospective) donors/their community.

... all while helping them learn how to use Tableau themselves to help them become self-sufficient.

My passion for these products and their capacity to bring understanding and change is unbounded. I can't wait to get started and help make a valuable contribution to your cause.