April Doud

Morro Bay, California, United States

Visual Analytics, Calculations, Getting Started, Data Prep and Visual Analytics

Senior Analytics Consultant, Tableau

As a Senior Analytics Consultant with Tableau I get to help people from all industries. Prior to working for Tableau I was working in education, non-profit, and private industry. I have worked with very small companies to very large corporations, they all have the same basic need and I have a knack for tailoring every interaction for a positive experience.

I fell in love with Tableau as a customer and ever since have enjoyed helping people get to that 'ah-ha' moment when working with or viewing their own data.


My skills are in exploratory analysis, dashboard and story design, and training others. Some of my most memorable experiences with Tableau have been when I can take a tangled web of messy data and transform it into something that can easily be understood.

I love helping others and have a great amount of patience. It is wonderful to see people get excited about what they are doing, solve a problem, answer questions, and get that positive feeling of accomplishment.