Chris Sanders

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Getting Started, Visual Analytics


A data driven story teller, looking to use my skills to give back. My younger sister is a special needs individual, which makes my favorite causes anything that include arts & education, children, and supporting those with disabilities. I'm looking forward to learning and growing together.


Data people call me a marketer, and marketing folks call me a data guy. While I likely fall somewhere in the middle, I just see myself as a problem solver. My introduction to the world of data came through one of my early marketing classes at Virginia Commonwealth University. The ability to take unused, seemingly worthless data and turn it into actionable insights had me instantly hooked.

My favorite thing about being an analytics consultant is finding ways to break down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces – the focus always on taking action. Though data started as a hobby for me, it’s quickly turned into a full-time passion.