Christopher Frederick

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Getting Started, Visual Analytics

Slalom Consulting

As a Consultant for the Strategy & Operations practice at Slalom, I'm able to help organizations "bridge the gap" between data and strategy. While I've worked across many industries, I've noticed a common struggle for many firms: answering the "so what" from their data.

And this is exactly why I love introducing individuals to Tableau Software. By exploring data visually, organizations can more easily understand, diagnose, and most importantly, ACT, on their information.


As a consultant, I'm required to quickly diagnose the true problem in my client's organization, which I why I love the role I get to play every day. Furthermore, by utilizing tools such as Tableau, I'm able to help my clients visualize their issues and provide an actionable plan to resolve.

I have over 8 years of experience in a large number of industries, spanning from retail, supply chain/logistics, consumer packaged goods (CPG), telecommunications, and non-profits. As a consultant, I'm looking to constantly learn and develop my professional toolkit, so no problem is too big or obscure to solve.

My goals for Tableau Service Corp are to assist non-profits in:
1. Understanding their data more effectively
2. Developing visualizations that tell powerful stories
3. Guide and force action in our communities

I would love the opportunity to help any non-profit, especially ones in sectors such as: sustainability, human rights, religious, child care/advocacy, education, general advocacy, disaster and humanitarian relief, and science and technology.