Damien Steinrich

Austin, Texas, United States

Tableau Software

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I work as a technical support engineer at Tableau. What this means is I help our customers use Tableau effectively, whether by reproducing issues customers are experiencing, creating articles in our knowledge base, escalating questions to our engineering team, or connecting customers with experts at Tableau who might have answers to their questions.

I enjoy creating analytic solutions to data questions. I absolutely love getting an array of different puzzles to solve. The best part of what I do at Tableau is explaining and illustrating the solutions to the diverse questions that our customers have.

Because I work with questions related to Tableau every day, I have a lot of broad expertise within the tool. I can help most with topics like calculations, data joining and blending, and data transformation or reformatting.

Tableau Public Page: https://public.tableau.com/profile/dsteinrich#!/


I enjoy explaining and illustrating the capabilities of utilizing data with Tableau Desktop. I have been a guest speaker for a nonprofit organization that assists disabled veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. I enjoy taking complex methods and breaking them down into components to facilitate a deeper understanding.

I am most eager to work with nonprofits that focus on disabled veterans, animals, or any humanitarian cause.As a disabled army veteran of the OIF/OEF war, I have used my past experiences as a means to assist others. I felt the need to assist the same nonprofit that helped me in the past.