Jacob Goffin

San Francisco, California, United States

Calculations, Getting Started, Visual Analytics


I work within Tableau's professional services department, getting to help our Bay Area customers achieve their data goals with Tableau. It's a great role because it's given me the opportunity to work with a wonderful variety of people & companies. As well, my experience has seen Tableau touch every piece of the data journey. That journey has included data validation of ETL processes, building dashboards, deploying a new analytics platform with Tableau, and training users.


I'm looking for the opportunity to work with non-profits on effectively utilizing their data to drive the mission of their organization. I am very lucky to be able to focus every day on strengthening my data skills, both in Tableau and related technologies. This focused skill set I believe has the potential to add immediate value to a non-profit looking for some help in their data strategy. In particular, my strengths lie in the areas of:

- Building the appropriate data structure for analysis, including writing SQL or light scripting in Python
- Designing dashboards that balance aesthetic with functionality
- Creating and troubleshooting calculations (I present the Jedi-level Table Calculations training session at Tableau Conference)
- Teaching Tableau & data concepts to new users

I have particular interest in helping non-profits in the areas of mental health, education, and the environment. But my main focus is to help anyone make the most of their data. So if you believe there is an opportunity for us to partner together, or want to chat to learn more, reach out!