Josh Davis

Austin, Texas, United States

Tableau Software

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As a Technical Support Engineer, my job is to help people get as much out of Tableau as possible.

I work in Tableau Desktop and specialize in Analytics-related casework, with a healthy dash of out-of-the-box problem solving.

If you need to know how to do something in Tableau--or if something *can* be done in Tableau, I am the right person to talk to.


I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Cognitive Science.

I am a voracious reader, a hobbyist programmer, maintain my own CentOS (Linux) server, and have worked in various capacities related to teaching, training, and troubleshooting for most of my adult life.

By night I DJ for social dance (Swing dancing, et al.), and am a former dance instructor and a jam musician.

I care deeply about the arts, scientific literacy, critical thinking, and human rights—and would be particularly delighted to assist nonprofits working to support these ends.

I am recognized by Tableau as a Subject Matter Expert in Linux, and am comfortable on the command line and in vim.

My greatest strength in relation to Tableau is Tableau Desktop itself, although I can also offer recommendations pertaining to data preparation and how Tableau's capabilities can be supplemented with Regular Expressions*, or a bit of R or Python.

I love the problem solving process, and delivering results. If I can help people understand how to get to the answer, I have accomplished my mission.

*to see some of the possibility afforded by Regular Expressions in Tableau, visit this project on my Tableau Public page:

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