Kyle McGuire

Denver, Colorado, United States

Getting Started

Tableau Software

As a Tableau account manager, I help clients plan for growth as they expand their adoption of Tableau across their company.

Helping organizations and work groups see and understand their data for the first time is extremely rewarding. Like painting a room a new color or mowing the grass, the instant gratification people get from visualizing their own data without coding or database expertise is what gets me out of bed in the morning. The cherry on top? Helping them share their new found discoveries in a format that others can easily interact with and understand.


I can act as a general resource regarding all things Tableau including basic training, analysis,dashboard design, storytelling with data, and presentation best practices.

Some of my interest areas are in environment, public health, education, outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycling, youth organizations, and research groups.

Challenging projects take time and effort but the people make all the difference. Let's tackle some difficult problems with sharing, collaboration, having fun, and learning at a pace that makes sense for everyone.