Reed Walton

Seattle, Washington, United States

Getting Started

Tableau Software

I work as a systems product consultant with Tableau customers who want to integrate Tableau into their products. I work with our customers before and after they purchase Tableau and help with topics like server integration, workbook design, data warehouse strategy, and so forth.

Prior to Tableau I worked in various roles supporting applications and "analytics as a service" products. While I have a good amount of technical experience (DBA, SQL, scripting, etc.), training has always been a big part of my career. My experience has taught me that team building, and the personality angle is equally important as the technological aspect when it comes to making analytics "take off" within an organization.


For my undergraduate degree I studied Digital Media and Human-Computer Interaction. I also have a masters degree in Library and Information Science.

I’m most interested in helping organizations that focus on causes related to the environment, social justice, poverty alleviation, and health.

I'm a creative problem solver who believes that technology is for everyone. I can help you get the essential skills you need to sharpen your organization's analytic ability.