Richard Wilson

Austin, Texas, United States

Getting Started

Tableau Software

I work in account management at Tableau - my passion is watching other people start having that "AHA" moment: when they have gotten connected to their data and start seeing Tableau do things they never knew were possible. This is the passion I bring to the Tableau Corps: I want to see careers advanced, insights gained, and real change affected in the world.

The most exciting thing truly is to watch people who are new to Tableau start seeing insights from their data that either they have not been able to do, or have had serious difficulties doing. When people get excited about the potential for Tableau to impact their professional life, their business, and even their personal life, then I feel fulfilled in my work.


I am great at teaching the product to others, and am constantly curious about new things I can learn in the tool. I love helping others succeed, and love learning to do better and more beautiful visualizations in Tableau.

I care a great deal about causes involving orphans, refugees, and helping people in poverty. Primarily I like helping people learn the software to empower them to help more people faster and more efficiently.