Marena Brinkhurst

San Francisco, California, United States

Mapbox, Web Development, Data, Mapping

Community Team Program Manager, Mapbox

Want to use maps or location data to amplify your positive impact? Let's talk! I'm on the Community team at Mapbox where I support non-profits and other positive impact projects to use Mapbox tools to their full potential. I can help navigate what's possible with location data, how to use Mapbox within Tableau, prepping your data to use spatially, and other maptastic questions.


Every day in my job I support non-profits to use maps and spatial analysis for better decision-making, better communication, and better impact results. I have beginner Tableau skills, but I can help you to navigate how to use Mapbox within Tableau and how to access additional features of Mapbox tools. If you're interested in the work of the Mapbox Community team, check out

My background is in natural resource management, planning, and environmental economics and policy. I worked for the non-profit Namati for three years doing participatory mapping and community planning in Africa and Asia - so I'm also happy to chat about field data collection and on-the-ground mapping techniques.