Wilson Po

New York, New York, United States

Preparing Data and Getting Started

Tableau Software

I started my journey at Tableau over 6 years ago and now serve as a Sales Consultant based in Brooklyn, NY where I focus on supporting our Education and Commercial sector customers in the Northeast. My history at Tableau has lend me a number of experiences with working with our customers in different capacity: as a product consultant based in our HQ in Seattle, I was able to work with our technology to tackle the most specific of analytics challenges with our customers; from my time as a senior business consultant traveling weekly across the US, I was able to get hands on with our clients in advising on best practices for deployments and rollouts; to my current role now as a sales consultant, where I focus my energy in enablement and ensuring deployments can understand the full potential of leveraging Tableau effectively. There is no problem too big or small.

I have fun problem solving, and love to share excitement others who are passionate to discover new insights. What I love most about my job is the ability to help other leverage Tableau as a vehicle for critical thinking and the inquisitive mind. Curiosity is a bountiful resource, and something too wasteful to keep locked behind technology challenges.

Internally I am known for my focus on calculations and troubleshooting our more complex use cases of calculation; however, my experiences with working hands-on across deployments really provide me with expertise across the spectrum around Tableau: data structure, visual design, server architecture and roll out, building long term analytics culture and/or infrastructure, etc.


I love supporting our non-profit sector in any way I can, but personally are passionate about financial inclusion, affordable housing and infrastructure efforts. Data has a unique ability in aiding nonprofits provide transparency problems that we should address as a society – I want to aid those efforts.

I am happy to provide my Tableau expertise to the cause and jump into scenarios you want to discuss. If there are projects we can make for efficient and effective through the use of data, I am ready to lend my hand and chat about how we can get it off the ground successfully.