William Watkins

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Coaching, Product Consulting, Calculations, Mapping

Sales Consultant, Tableau Software

Tableau Enthusiast and absolute Data Nerd


Started Using Tableau Fall of 2015 as a student at the University of Michigan. Worked for Tableau Partner company summer of 2016 in Durban South Africa, consulting retail customers. Continued doing part-time work my senior year and leveraged Tableau for Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan as the Information Chair. Started at Tableau as a Product Consultant in the summer of 2017 where I help customers realize the value of the platform to transform their data engagement within their organizations.

I am passionate about helping all types of Non-profits achieve their strategic data strategies. I want to help enable your business and your employees to make more informed decisions to make as big of an impact as possible. I think data visibility and access are key and they drive curiosity and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Reach out to talk through Dashboard design, enablement and Tableau at scale. Happy and excited to help