Margarita Moya

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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As a digital analyst, I work with technical and non-technical folk to learn more about our customers using digital data and a range of BI tools. Tableau has been particularly exciting and I love helping others turn their ideas or hypotheses into compelling Tableau dashboards and visualisations.

There's so much data out there and it's not going to get any smaller! I've been using Tableau for close to 4 years now across a range of industries (media, market research, finance, digital). My current day to day includes running internal training sessions and making sure data is ready and accessible for anyone in our team to communicate their vision. I love sitting down with others, working with them to make the most of their own data. It's one of the best parts of my job!


I'm pretty passionate about working with the social sector, particularly causes around poverty alleviation and empowering women. Initiatives that aim to build and strengthen capacity in developing communities inspire me and I've been fortunate enough to volunteer for local charities focused on making sure more communities get access to clean water, energy, and shelter.