Michael Shan

Seattle, Washington, United States

Visual Analytics, Calculations, Getting Started, Coaching

Product Trainer, Tableau Software

I'm currently a trainer at Tableau and I love being able to teach people how to use our product. What I like to focus on with my students is how to do things the right way in Tableau, and also how Tableau is thinking so we can make deliberate drag-and-drop decisions.

My job is extremely rewarding, as I've taught thousands of students from all different industries/job functions with a variety of experience levels. I teach our Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, and Visual Analytics classes.

Prior to being a Trainer, I worked in Technical Support where I helped our customers troubleshoot and solve their product-related challenges in Tableau Desktop.

I would love to help you with any new or existing projects you may be working on, whether you are just looking to get started or you are trying to figure out a small detail within a complex workbook!


From my experiences in Technical Support and Training, I've learned quite a bit about Tableau (specifically, Tableau Desktop). Here are some of the areas that I feel extremely comfortable, should you be looking for someone who has specific experiences:

- Visual best practices (chart type and visual attribute decisions)
- Calculations (table calculations, LODs, conditional statements, string parsing)
- Parameters
- Joining and blending multiple data sources
- Dashboarding (dashboard actions, positioning, sizing, end user functionalities)
- Mapping
- Troubleshooting