Nazirah Jetha

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Visual Analytics, Calculations, Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Statistics

Product Manager, Tableau Software

I am passionate about data and helping others see and understand their data. As a Training Product Manager, I take pride in not just helping others, but enabling others. I love seeing the look on someone's face when they finally understand how to do something, or can, in an instant, see what their data is telling them.

My background and personal challenges mean that I am passionate about education and healthcare. I love helping not-for-profit education organizations get the most out of their initiatives by analyzing their data, and educating others with long-term chronic diseases that require constant monitoring, how to get the best self-care by looking at, understanding, and analyzing their data. Data has so much potential to help us help ourselves, and I enjoy enabling people to do just that.


My background is that of scientific data analysis; I have over a decade of experience in data analysis, most of that in astrophysics, where the ability to visually display data, and to get a message and story across accurately comes as part of the territory.

More to the point, I love teaching and sharing skills and knowledge -- for me, it isn't enough to help you with your data, I want to enable and help you get to the stage where you can go off and do amazing things without me.

My skills lie in data analysis, calculations, and visual best practices.
Not just implementing these in Tableau, but enabling others to do these things themselves.

Making the most of my own healthcare data:

Helping educators see and understand their grading distributions: