Nicholas Hara

New York, New York, United States

Visual Analytics, Mapping, Calculations

Tableau Software

I am interested in Arts, Housing and urban development, Environmental policy, Public Health, and Water Rights and resource management.

I am the Support Analyst at Tableau. I manage the policies and dashboards for the Technical Support department.

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+ Arts
+ Housing and urban development
+ Environmental policy
+ Public Health
+ Water Rights and resource management

As the Technical Support Analyst at Tableau, I have the privilege of analyzing our support data to help us better address the needs of our customers. Our support team is a world class department of passionate individuals looking to give our customers the best experience possible even when things aren't going quite as planned.

It is my job to help understand the needs of this team by combing through our extensive data sets to find ways to improve our customer interactions and response times.

On a daily basis I face the challenges of improving dashboard and data source performance, deciphering the hundreds of fields in our data sets, prepping our data, and tweaking views to display relevant information for the audience.