Pablo Saenz de Tejada

London, London, City of, United Kingdom

Visual Analytics, Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories

The Information Lab

Data analyst at The Information Lab and sociologist helping people and companies to analyse and make sense of their data. I'm from Spain, but I'm living in London since summer 2015.

I have 9 years of experience in market research companies in Spain analyzing survey data for different industries like telecommunications, retail or pharma companies. I decide to move to London after discovering the huge possibilities of Tableau to help people making data based decisions and data discovering.


Now I'd like to help not only companies but also nonprofits to analyse and visualize data for a better understanding of their work and make better decisions. I'm specially interested in sectors like human rights, education, town planning, development, health, culture, environmental conservation and animal welfare.

My biggest data and tableau skills are related to data discovery, visualization and dashboarding / reporting. My sociology background makes me look not only for the number but also to look for paterns, answers and explanations to try to understand the best possible.