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The Tableau Service Corps can help nonprofits with small projects under 10 hours in duration. To kick off your project, search active Service Corps members by keyword or subject expertise and find someone from whom you'd like help. In your initial message, please give a brief but detailed description of the problem you're trying to solve.

Your Service Corps volunteer will accept one of the times you have suggested or will propose up to three new times so he or she can meet for an initial scoping meeting. This initial meeting will be used to talk about your proposed project, how the Service Corps volunteer fits into it, and whether there is a good fit.

You and your Service Corps volunteer will get each other's contact information over email to arrange logistics for your scoping meeting. This can be by phone or in person - whichever works best for you and your Service Corps volunteer.

Work on your project

You and your Service Corps volunteer will agree upon a timeline and what end product you'd like to create together. Expect to collaborate with your Tableau volunteer and be open to providing additional information or data as the project continues.

Provide feedback

Tell us how your project went, what the completion of your project now lets you do within your organization, any challenges you encountered, and whether you'd recommend your Tableau volunteer to others.

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From product experts to software engineers, work on Tableau projects with enthusiastic experts who work with Tableau and data every day. Search for an area of expertise to find a Service Corps member who can help with your project.

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If you are a Tableau employee or user and want rewarding connections with nonprofits that can use your help and expertise, apply to get started! The Tableau Foundation team will be in touch with instructions on next steps.

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