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Marie Le Bars Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Calculations, Dashboarding, Statistics, Getting Started

Hello! I am looking forward to helping non profit organisations, especially about Human rights, Animal rights, Gender equality and Medical Research (show more)

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Interests: Data Analytics, Tech Support, and Building Vizualizations

Nahush Rao Palo Alto, California, United States
Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories
Slalom Consulting

Professionally, I am an engineer and consultant that loves data analysis, visual analytics, dashboard development, and helping organizations make meani (show more)

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Interests: healthcare, dashboard design, visual analytics, and data analysis

Cody Crouch Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Dashboarding and Stories, Getting Started

I love a good story. More importantly I love telling a good story. Honing my craft from the days on the playground telling jokes, picking up a video ca (show more)

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Interests: trainer, weather, mapping, and story telling

Mrinal Daryani Singapore, Singapore
Getting Started, Dashboarding and Stories
Tableau Software

As a product consultant based in Singapore, I help clients validate Tableau as a technical and business fit for their analytics strategy. I spend most (show more)

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Interests: training, dashboarding, intro analysis, data prep, data manipulation, visual best practices, and getting started

Pablo Saenz de Tejada London, United Kingdom
Visual Analytics, Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories
The Information Lab

Data analyst at The Information Lab and sociologist helping people and companies to analyse and make sense of their data. I'm from Spain, but I'm livin (show more)

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Interests: sociologist, researcher, data analyst, and survey data

Muthukumar S M Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Tableau Server, Statistics, Product Consulting, Dashboarding

Technology Architect and Business focused professional having 19 years of experience - astute focus on Data analysis, building Statistical models, Vis (show more)

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Interests: Tableau server, API, Web data connector, Integration, and Statistical methods

Rachel Ayersman San Diego, California, United States
Data Prep & ETL, Data, Dashboarding, Calculations

Passionate data advocate! 6 Years of Tableau , data, sql experience. (show more)

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Interests: Education, Math, and Data

David Freifeld Seattle, Washington, United States
Getting Started, Dashboarding
Tableau Software

Hello! My name is David Freifeld, a humanities major turned data nerd, and part of the Tableau team in Washington DC. I have data viz coffee table book (show more)

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Interests: analyst, photographer, traveler, storyteller, data nerd, and teacher

Srinidhi Narayan Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Coaching, Dashboarding, Project Management, Getting Started

I bring a wealth of over 25 years of experience in systems design, architecture, data strategy. Happy to help wherever I can. (show more)

Available for:

Interests: Equality, Education, and Sustainability

Boris Busov Seattle, Washington, United States
Dashboarding, Visual Analytics, Getting Started, Calculations
Tableau Software

Hi my name's Boris! I'm a Solution Engineer at Tableau and I love presenting data in creative and unique ways. I have a background in education, health (show more)

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Interests: healthcare, education, LGBTQ, and health