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Austin Nesseth Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Preparing Data and Getting Started, Statistics, Calculations, Data

Austin is a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau Software. He enjoys working with organizations to address challenges and opportunities by tapping into d (show more)

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Interests: Technology, Marketing, Data, R&D, Market Research, and Analytics

Jenell Green Portland, Maine, United States
Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Tableau Server, Calculations

As a data engineer at CashStar, I have many roles including a Tableau Developer, Tableau Server Admin, ETL Developer, and report creator. My prior full (show more)

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Interests: calculations, problem solving, color schemes, visual analytics, and dashboarding

Andrew Pick London, England, United Kingdom
Getting Started, Dashboarding and Stories, Calculations, COVID-19 Response
The Information Lab

I currently work as a Tableau and Alteryx Consultant at The Information Lab and over the last four years I have been using Tableau within some of the l (show more)

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Interests: calculations, getting started, tableau, alteryx, dashboards, visualisation, and training

Tanushree Rohera Singapore, Central Singapore, Singapore
Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Calculations

Hello and Namaste! I'm Tanushree, a Solution Engineer with Tableau. I've been in this role for over 2 years, and over this time, I've grown to love t (show more)

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Interests: Education, design, women development, History, Books, and Data preparation

April Doud Morro Bay, California, United States
Visual Analytics, Calculations, Getting Started, Data Prep and Visual Analytics

As a Senior Analytics Consultant with Tableau I get to help people from all industries. Prior to working for Tableau I was working in education, non-pr (show more)

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Interests: Dashboarding, Getting Started, Visual Analytics, and Calculations

Casey O'Donnell Seattle, Washington, United States
Dashboarding and Stories, Calculations, Product Consulting, Data Prep and Visual Analytics
Tableau Software

Hi there! I'm a Business Analytics Manager for Tableau in the Seattle, WA office. In my role, I use Tableau the same way a lot of our customers do - to (show more)

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Interests: Data Prep, Connecting to Data, Dashboarding and Stories, Visual Design, and Calculations

Santiago Sanchez San Francisco, California, United States
Tableau Server, Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories

I'm a Solution Engineer at Tableau helping spread the word in the Americas! I love playing with Tableau and enjoy teaching other people how to use it. (show more)

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Interests: dashboard design, storytelling, ETL, dashboarding, explanatory viz building, exploratory viz building, database architecture, systems integration, intro analysis, and visual best practices

Julien Lannelongue London, England, United Kingdom
Visual Analytics, Connecting to Data, Creating Visualizations and Advanced Methods, Calculations

For few years I spent a lot of hours, days, hours to build Reports with Excel, Access, etc ... I was a long work without real value, because every modi (show more)

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Interests: Viz

Will Jones Portland, Oregon, United States
Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories, Creating Visualizations and Advanced Methods, Visual Analytics
InterWorks, Inc.

Tableau and UI/UX Design expert with years of business experience across a wide range of industries. I'm not a SQL/ETL work expert, but I can advise on (show more)

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Interests: visual best practices, designer, tableau expert, training, and calculations

Andrew Beers SEATTLE, Washington, United States
Tableau Server, Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories, Data Prep and Visual Analytics

I've been with Tableau since the beginning, and would love to help you do good with data! (show more)

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