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Ann Jackson Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Getting Started, Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Calculations
Jackson Two Consulting

I am the founder and chief Analytics Evangelist for a Data Visualization and Analytics consulting firm specializing in Tableau. I am based out of Phoe (show more)

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Interests: visual analytics, server, calculations, training, getting started, and dashboarding

Andre de Vries London, United Kingdom
Data Prep & ETL, Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories
The Information Lab

I'm a Tableau & Alteryx Consultant at The Information Lab. Besides helping clients with understanding their data I have also experience with pro bono e (show more)

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Nathan Butters Seattle, Washington, United States
Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Program Management, Getting Started

A storyteller in a world of data, people, and practical necessities. Believes in the power of children's literature, visual analytics, and turning data (show more)

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Interests: poverty, education, storytelling, environmental impact, improving health, disaster recovery, and indigenous peoples

Matthew Horine Seattle, Washington, United States
Program Management, Preparing Data and Getting Started, Dashboarding, Data

Hello! My name is Matthew Horine, an environmental, health, and safety professional based out of Seattle with a calling for working with data. As a (show more)

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Interests: Process building, Automation, Contaminated Site Management, Sustainability, Safety, and Environmental

Francis Dejonckheere Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Visual Analytics, Dashboarding, Getting Started, Data Prep and Stories

Hi World, I started working in Tableau in 2015 and haven't looked back since. I've spent 5 years on the client side migrating excel-based reports to Ta (show more)

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Interests: Traveling, Pugs, Family, Soccer, and Data

Miriam Nikisch Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Marketing, Dashboarding, Getting Started, Data Prep and Visual Analytics

I am a solution engineer based in Frankfurt, Germany, and I'd like to support good causes with the power of data and visual analytics. (show more)

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Interests: Design, Tableau Prep, Level of Detail Calcs, Calculations, Guided Analytics, User Experience, Dashboarding, and Tableau Desktop

Gabi Goyette Seattle, Washington, United States
Marketing, Dashboarding, Racial Justice, Creating Visualizations and Advanced Methods

I am a certified Tableau Specialist on the campaign marketing team at Tableau with a background in Psychology research (child development and social ps (show more)

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Interests: Racial justice, Visual storytelling, Event calendars, Marketing dashboards, Data discovery, KPI/Metric reporting, and Dashboard design

Tanushree Rohera Singapore, Central Singapore, Singapore
Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Calculations

Hello and Namaste! I'm Tanushree, a Solution Engineer with Tableau. I've been in this role for over 2 years, and over this time, I've grown to love t (show more)

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Interests: Education, design, women development, History, Books, and Data preparation

Andrew Pick London, United Kingdom
Getting Started, Dashboarding and Stories, Calculations, COVID-19 Response
The Information Lab

I currently work as a Tableau and Alteryx Consultant at The Information Lab and over the last four years I have been using Tableau within some of the l (show more)

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Interests: calculations, getting started, tableau, alteryx, dashboards, visualisation, and training

Frederic Fery Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Getting Started, Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Program Management
QLD Health

Passionate helping people see data with Tableau (show more)

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Interests: events, maps, tableau, sports, history, economy, politics, and australian aboriginal people injustice