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Katie Wagner Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Getting Started, Product Consulting, Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Coaching
Waste Management

Encouraging the Tableau community to see data differently, while spreading Louisiana culture and charm paired with a deep love of family and music. (show more)

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Interests: training, certification, beginners, best practices, visual analytics, customization, and dashboarding

Denny Bromley Seattle, Washington, United States
Getting Started
Tableau Software

I am a senior software engineer at Tableau working on the visualization team. I spent a long time as a composer writing kids’ music for places like Jim (show more)

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Interests: exploratory dashboarding, physical sciences, intro analysis, storytelling, and visual analytics

Jack Heffernan Seattle, Washington, United States
Dashboarding, Connecting to Data, Preparing Data and Getting Started, Visual Analytics

*update later (show more)

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Interests: Climate

Jamie Kroll Kirkland, Washington, United States
Coaching, Creating Visualizations and Advanced Methods, Dashboarding and Stories, Visual Analytics
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Benedetta Tagliaferri London, United Kingdom
COVID-19 Response, Project Management, Dashboarding and Stories, Data Prep & ETL
The Information Lab

The mix of curiosity, creativity and analytical background, pushed me through the data world, and especially to Tableau & Alteryx. I think that clea (show more)

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Interests: Italian, Predictives, dataviz, and ETL&dataprep

Ilija Stojic Dallas, Texas, United States
Tableau Server, Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Data, Dashboarding and Stories
Toyota Motor NA

I am passionate about working with organizations and communities to help them build trust in their data and make meaningful use of it as effectively as (show more)

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Interests: visual analytics, governance, mentoring, accessibility, privacy, security, curiosity, community building, storytelling, data, dashboarding, ETL, and sustainability

Sissi Shi Washington, DC, District of Columbia, United States
Tableau Server, Dashboarding and Stories, COVID-19 Response, Data Prep & ETL
Tableau Software

I am a Principal Solutions Engineer at Tableau, and my role is to helping our customers with their technical evaluation of Tableau. I am passionate (show more)

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Interests: Humanitarian aid, mentorship, child welfare, environment, sustainability, and analytics

Casey O'Donnell Seattle, Washington, United States
Data Prep and Visual Analytics, Product Consulting, Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories
Tableau Software

Hi there! I'm a Business Analytics Manager for Tableau in the Seattle, WA office. In my role, I use Tableau the same way a lot of our customers do - to (show more)

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Interests: Visual Design, Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories, Connecting to Data, and Data Prep

Varma Sagi Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Calculations, Creating Visualizations and Advanced Methods, Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories

I have 13+ years of experience in the business intelligence space and 7+ years on experience on Tableau development, integrations and Administration (show more)

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Interests: Python, visualization, Machine Learning, Dashboards, and Data Analytics

Will Jones Portland, Oregon, United States
Calculations, Dashboarding and Stories, Creating Visualizations and Advanced Methods, Visual Analytics
InterWorks, Inc.

Tableau and UI/UX Design expert with years of business experience across a wide range of industries. I'm not a SQL/ETL work expert, but I can advise on (show more)

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Interests: designer, tableau expert, training, calculations, and visual best practices