Web Development

  • Keshia Rose Seattle, Washington, United States
    Web Development, Calculations, Preparing Data and Getting Started, Dashboarding

    Tableau Software

    Hello, I'm Keshia and I am a product manager for our developer platform team here at Tableau. I focus on evangelizing developers and making our develop (show more)

    Available for: Phone Webcam

    Interests: Data Prep, JavaScript, Calculations, and APIs

  • Cristian Matei Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
    Web Development, Getting Started, Support, Tableau Server


    Tableau Server Enthusiast (show more)

    Available for: Webcam Inperson

    Interests: Integration, Deployments, and Server

  • Alexander Ross London, Croydon, United Kingdom
    Tableau Server, Web Development, Data, Connecting to Data


    I love using Tableau to help people see and understand their data. A side hobby of mine is using Tableau's APIs to build various solutions with Tableau (show more)

    Available for: Phone Webcam Inperson

    Interests: Football, Data, Web Data Connectors, and APIs